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 Sommer from Switzerland, a renowned vocational school direct, developed a new system for drainage without separate pipe for vent stack in the year 1959. The purpose is not only to avoid vent stack also it improves the performance of a soil and waste drainage system. And it is considered a new suitable option for high-rise buildings.

This So Vent system can be used more than 5 story building.



This sovent system can be useful for plumbing in residential projects, commercial establishments like institutions, hospital, hospitality industry, factors as well.

While comparing with conventional system sovent system can reduce pneumatic and hydraulic pressure. Sovent system has options for the branch in each floor. The primary advantage is It occupies very less space.  Either shaft space can be utilized better or smaller shafts can be used for comfortable drainage, water lines.

Brands like geberit etc., in India comes out with sizes 110mm and 160mm, which is commonly used for drainage.

Another specialty of the Sovent system is having flow divider option .so that water flow can be maintained. The swirl generates rotation, allowing the flow to move along the wall of the pipe and thus creating a continuous air column. This increases discharge capacity by 30%

The sovent system itself works as a speed breaker on every floor so the noise or pressure on the lower level is balanced.

While planning of so vent system below points should be followed by the Plumbing Consultant/ Turnkey plumbing Contractor

* Use of a Sovent fitting instead of a common branch fitting.* Pressure relief ventilation at the base of the stack.

* Pressure relief ventilation at the base of the stack.

*  Every stack has to be ventilated through the roof with the same diameter as the stack.

* Sovent fitting must be planned on every floor where there are connections to the discharge stack. The maximum distance between two Sovent fittings shall not exceed 5 m.


If the maximum distance cannot be maintained for technical or site conditions, two offsets with two 45° bends each can be installed in the discharge stack instead of a Sovent fitting.

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