Automatic Water level Controller

Life is going to be automated like anything you name there is going to be machine which replaces human work. Way back decades ago this water level controller have replaced manual switching on and off pumps for water filling in tanks.

Automatic Water level controller is a system which controls tank/sump water/liquid level using various methods.


1)Wiring method

2)wireless method

Wiring Method

In this method control box and pump are connected using an Electrical wire. This system only suitable for G+3 apartment and independent houses. If it is a multi storey building means this is system is not suitable. because voltage drop shall occur

Wireless Method

In this method there are two sub categories. One is RF method and another one is pressure Control. Generally RF methods are avoided by leading Architects, Builders, Plumbing Consultants and Plumbing Contractors. Because of Low Reliability. Mean while automatic water level controller which operate in pressure control method will be the preference by the Industry Experts in plumbing.


Method of Working

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Before going to know the method of working we need to know the materials required.

Materials Required

1)Float Valve

2)solenoid valve or electrical actuated butterfly valve or motorized ball valve.

3)Control box

4)pressure Switch

5)cauge meter

6)PLC (optional)


Float valve should connect the desired level at sump/OHT. Then the solenoid valve and control box should fix near the sump/OHT. generally, control box comes with 24VAC.  Pressure switch must be placed delivery line of a pump.  When ever float level increases the float switch will activate the signal to close the solenoid valve or motorized ball valve or electrically activated butterfly valve. once input received from control box solenoid valve will start energies and close the up stream of the water line.   So pressure increases at the delivery line. Once required pressure attained then the pressure switch will send the signal to off the pump to a conventional electrical panel. PLC not required for all pumps.

while choosing this method for high storey building need to focus on sudden increasing line pressure at the delivery line. When ever the solenoid valve close suddenly the line pressure will suddenly  increase. Due to that water hammering will cause in entire plumbing line. Due to water hammering, pressure switch and the pump will start chattering. Due to chattering pressure which may not work. That causes the automatic water level controlling system.

To avoid this issue can choose electrically actuated butterfly valve/ball valve instead of the solenoid valve. Because electrically actuated butterfly valve will start shut down slowly. it will take 6 to 22 sec(with out load). So that water hammering issue won’t occur.


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