Why are pressure reducing valves (PRV) required in building ?

When water is supplied to the flats from the overhead tank the pressure of water increases as we go downwards due to the weight of water column above it. Thus the pressure is maximum at the ground floor /1st floor and minimum at the top floor. Even in a HydroPneumatic system where water 1st supplied directly from pump to flats the pressure is higher on the lower floors of each zone.
Such high pressure needs to be reduced.


Another function of the PRV which is equally important but sometimes ignored -is to reduce the water consumption. For any cleaning the quantum of water actually required is far less but more water is used due to excessive flow rate/ force. And to add to it, water runs from tap continuously (as we rarely close the tap during intervals when water is not required)-For example while having a face wash though we may actually need about 2 litres. We spend over 10 litres due to running tap & high flow rate. And higher is the presssure, the more is the flow rate, and more wastage. Furthermore ,some time the pressure force is high that water hits the palm and spills out causing inconvenience and waste

A pressure reducing valves (PRV) will therefore help minimise this water saving upto about 30% water.

The normal 10% saving of water can save thousands of rupees per month for a society.

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