What is Direct Water Supply System & Indirect Water Supply System ?

There are two types of pumping system in buildings
Indirect water supply system
generally Municipal water supply pressure is low in india.
this system consist of under ground sump and over head tank (OHT)
due to low presure water cant reach over head tanks .once water is transfer to OHT with the help of pump. then the water will flow to respective floor by gravity
1. There is no threat of pipe burst
2. Water can be made available from OH tank
1. upper floor of a building will get low pressure and the lower floors will get more pressure
2. It requires Extra cost of pipes and tanks
3. Dead weight of the building increases
Direct water supply system
Such types of water supply system is used in developed countries like america and European countries generally. but now a days some developers are using this system in their gated communities
in this system there is an underground tank which get water from municipal water supply line this water pump helps hydro-pneumatic pump to respective floor.
1. No overhead tank is not required , hence the less piping & less maintenance is required that’s why this system is economical compared to indirect water supply system
2. Water can be supplied at any pressure .
3. Direct water system consumes less energy
1) Pipes may leak due to high pressure water flowing through them
2) continues power supply with back up from generator is required to operate this system else No power no supply of water

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